1. Exercises

Exercise videos

Add video instructions to assist athletes

FYTT allows you to add videos to any exercise in your exercise database. When an athlete accesses a workout from the mobile interface, they will be able to view the videos for any of their assigned exercises. Your videos are only viewable by athletes within your organization.


Videos can be attached to an exercise in two formats: either an uploaded MPV, or via a YouTube URL. The athlete experience is essentially the same either way.

You have the option of maintaining an exercise database at the institution level and at the team level. If you have an exercise of the same name at both levels, the exercise metadata from the team level will take precedence (this includes exercise videos). See the institution and team databases article for more information.

To add a video file that you've created, add a new exercise in your database or open an existing one. Within the exercise form, navigate to the "Video" section and select "Upload" from the video type dropdown. Then click the "Add / change video" button to open the file browser and select a video from your computer.

Please note that only .mp4 and .mpeg file formats are supported at this time.

To attach a YouTube video, select "YouTube" as the video type within the exercise form, then paste the YouTube video URL into the textfield provided.

Exercise videos can be uploaded in bulk using the exercise importer. See this article for more info.


Once you've added a video to an exercise in your database, that video will be accessible to athletes on the mobile interface anytime that exercise is assigned. Athletes simply need to click the "Exercise info" link within the workout to access any videos for exercises in the workout: