1. Assessments

Percentile assessments

Calculating percentile ranks for athlete metrics

A percentile assessment allows you to calculate athletes' percentile ranks for a given metric. For example, if you have a KPI for tracking Back Squat 1RM, you can create a percentile assessment to automatically calculate each athlete's percentile rank based on all the Back Squat 1RM data you've collected.

Percentile assessments can be used in formuals and group logic just like other metrics. For example, you might create a condition to automatically add athletes to a group if they are above a certain percentile rank.

To create a percentile assessment, navigate to the Assessments page in your organization's database. Click the "New Assessment" button, then click "Percentile Assessment" from the dropdown menu.

Give your assessment a name, then select the metric for which you want to calculate percentile ranks.

After creating the percentile assessment, all athletes are ranked by their current values for the selected metric. If you go to the roster KPIs section, you will see the newly created assessment in the sheet with the calculated percentile ranks.

This is a calculated metric, so you cannot edit the values, but you can still use the override column if needed.

The percentile rank for all athletes is calculated whenever the underlying metric is updated for any athlete. The cohort includes all athletes at the institution with data for the metric. Data for the percentile calculation can be supplemented by data imported using the KPI or KPV data import tool.