Group programs

Automatically start a program based on group membership

When you assign a program to a group, athletes are automatically enrolled in the program when they are added to the group. You can specify an optional start time and end time as well. Athletes are unenrolled from the program when they are removed from the group.

To assign a program, open a group, then click the "Program" button in the top right of the slide out. You can then select a program from your database.

With a program assigned, any athlete added to the group will automatically be enrolled in the program. Automatic enrollment is triggered by any method of group assignment—when an athlete is added from the group, from the roster, or through the evaluation of conditional logic.

The program will start on Sunday of the "Start Week" setting you've selected (or it will start on the current Sunday if the athlete was added on a Sunday).

For example, suppose you selected the "Next Week" setting and assigned a 4-week program  to a group that occurs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If an athlete is added to the group on a Tuesday, the athlete's first session for the program would be on the following Monday.

However, given the same scenario above with the "This Week" setting selected, the program would be scheduled retroactively starting from the previous Sunday. This means that the athlete would start the program mid-week starting with Wednesday's session.

As soon as an athlete is removed from a group (either manually or automatically), all future sessions for the associated program will be deleted.

To remove a program from the group, simply open the program dropdown, hit backspace, then click out, and the program will be removed.