Group assignments

Using groups to manage individualized training at scale

Athlete group assignments can be managed in one of three ways:

  1. Manually add and remove group assignments directly from the group form.
  2. Manually add and remove group assignments from the roster.
  3. Group assignments can automatically be managed based on the group's conditions.

To manage athletes directly from the group, click the "Athletes" button in the top right of the group form. This opens a list where you can select and deselect which athletes belong to the group.

On the roster, use the boxes on the left of each row to select athletes, then click the "Add Group" button in the menu that appears to the top right of the table. Select your desired group, select a coach (optional), then click "Add to Group."

You can also modify and remove group assignments in bulk using the athlete table. For example, if you want to change a coach assignment for multiple athletes already assigned to a group, simply select the athletes, then use the "Add Group" button to select the group and coach combination you want to assign.

Removing group assignments follows a similar pattern of selecting the athletes, then using the "Remove Group" button to remove the selected athletes from a group.

Coach assignments
Coach assignments within groups are meant to help divide athletes up between coaches when running a session. For instance, when viewing the whiteboard for a given session that is programmed for a group, a coach will only see the athletes assigned to them. Or if you export a session to PDF format, the document will have a separate table for each coach (see the Calendar guide for more info on session whiteboards and PDFs).

When a group has conditions, there are three events that will trigger the evaluation of those triggers and cause athletes to be added or removed:

  1. When KPIs or KPAs are changed from the roster
  2. When a KPI is assessed and recorded by an athlete from a mobile device
  3. When a KPI is assessed and recorded by a coach from the whiteboard