1. Workouts

Workout attributes

Understanding the attributes of a workout

The workout name should usually describe what's in the workout, like the primary exercise (e.g., "Bench Press") and/or the structure (e.g., "Bench Press 3 x 5 @ 70%). Just make sure that the name can be understood by other coaches and you use agreed-upon naming conventions.

Use the description to add explanatory notes about how the exercises should be performed, or how the workout should flow. The text editor for the workout is pretty versatile, and many users have been creative with what they put there. For example, we have a dietician that pastes images of meal plans.

The workout type is a simple designation that indicates whether the block is a "Warmup," a "Primary" module, or an "Accessory" module. This has no effect on how the workout  functions or appears in the software. It's only purpose is for organization so that you can use the training load visualizer (found in the training log and in the program builder) to filter based on workout type.