Wellness questionnaires

Build questionnaires with KPVs to monitor wellness

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You can use FYTT to build athlete wellness questionnaires to monitor key measures of athlete wellbeing. The platform is extremely flexible, so you can create and monitor any metric you want.

Wellness questionnaires are most commonly composed of KPV assessments. In order to implement a KPV assessment, you must first define the KPVs that you will be using (see the KPVs guide for more info).

For example, if you want to use the questionnaire to regularly survey athletes about their stress, sleep, and soreness, you would create a separate KPV for each one.

It's often helpful to provide a brief description for each KPV, such as the scale (e.g., 1-5) athletes should use when responding. The KPV descriptions will be visible to athletes when they are presented with the questionnaire.

You'll probably want to create a workout template to store your questionnaire for repeated use. This will work just like any other workout template, only it will contain just the KPV assessments for the questionnaire.

You only have to create this template once, then you can use it anywhere to request the information from athletes.

You can use the questionnaire just like you would any other workout. You can insert it into any session, either directly onto the calendar or into a program. The most common use case is to include it at the beginning of every session within a program.

With the questionnaire at the beginning of each session, it will be the first thing the athlete is asked to complete. Without missing a beat, athletes can fill out the questionnaire as part of their normal routine.

Daily responses are recorded for each KPV just like normal, and you can view the data from the roster KPVs section or build reports with the metrics.