1. Programs

Program creation

Build a program to create a structured exercise plan

When you first create a new program, you need to give it a name and specify the length of the program in weeks (you can add or delete weeks later if needed). You can also provide a description for additional context and notes.

If you have created facilities for your team, you can specify a facility for the program. This associates every session in the program with that facility (individual sessions in the program can override the program-level facility if needed). When a session is assigned to a facility, it allows FYTT to customize the session to that facility where applicable (see the Facilities guide for more info).

Flexible programs allow you to build out a structured plan for the athlete to follow, but gives them some autonomy and flexibility as to the order and timing of the sessions each week (see the Flexible program article for more info).

This option ensures that any athletes or groups that have been assigned the program will receive updates to the program. If you want to make changes, but you don't want the changes pushed to anyone currently following the program, then uncheck this option.

Also note that changes are not synced retroactively. In other words, changes made to a program will only affect sessions on on the calendar from today and onward. Past sessions will not be changed.

When you add an existing program to a plan, it creates a copy of the program on that plan. With this option selected, any changes to the original program will propagate to all copies of the program where it is used in plans. So if you assigned the same program many times, you can make changes once at the source, and those changes will be reflected in every instance of the program.