1. Programs

Program combination

Combining multiple programs into one

The ability to combine programs is a very powerful feature that gives you tons of flexibility. It allows you to create small "chunks" of programming, then mix and match them to quickly create new programs. For example, if you have a progression that you commonly use, you can create a program with just that progression and insert it into any other program.

To insert a program, hover over the week in which you want the inserted program to start. In the actions to the left of the week, click the "Insert Program" button. In the form that appears, select the program you want to insert, then click "Insert" in the top right.

The program will be inserted into the current program starting at the week you selected. If there are already existing sessions in the weeks where the program is inserted, those sessions will simply be appended with the workouts from the inserted program.

If needed, you can change the exercises of a program before inserting it. This makes it super easy to drop in an entire cycle and swap out the exercises in bulk so you don't have to modify them individually.

To do this, follow the steps of inserting a program described above, but after selecting the program you want to insert, click the "Customize program" toggle. This gives you a list of all the exercises used in the program you want to insert. If you change any of the exercises here, it will change every instance of that exercise within the inserted program.