1. Key Performance Variables (KPVs)

KPV introduction

Tracking and using key performance variables


A "key performance variable" (KPV) is a flexible construct that allows you to track important athlete characteristics, as well as record other variables that are relevant to your performance management framework.

For example, you may want to track athlete characteristics such as segment length, joint range of motion, etc. Or maybe you want to track more subjective measures, like work ethic, motivation, and mental readiness. KPVs are also useful for recording data points from various external measurement sources, like force plates, GPS tracking systems, or VBT systems.

KPVs are different from KPIs (key performance indicators) in that they are not intended to be used directly as a basis for exercise prescription. Rather, they should be viewed as raw data inputs that can be used via assessments and formulaic KPIs to influence exercise prescription variables. KPVs can also be used directly in conditional logic for decision automation, or simply to track a basic metric over time.