1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPI data entry

Updating athlete KPI measurements

You can quickly view and update athlete KPI measurements from the KPIs section of the roster. This is a spreadsheet interface that allows you to copy, paste, and quickly modify  measurement data (see the KPIs guide for information on creating and managing KPIs).

Each KPI has two columns. The left column is the "official" measurement value for the KPI. The right column is the "override" value.

This is where you can record and make changes to the official measurements for each athlete. Recording a measurement for an athlete is as simple as entering a value to the appropriate cell.

One important thing to note about this column is that any change will create a new measurement for the athlete as of the date specified to the top right of the sheet.

You can click here to change the measurement date of the sheet. The date always defaults to today.

You can also add or modify individual measurement records by right clicking on a cell in this column. This brings up a summary of the athlete's recent measurements for the KPI. Simply click on a measurement to modify its date or value. Click the "New Measurement" button add a new one.

The override column gives you the ability to temporarily override the value of a KPI without creating a new measurement. Say, for example, the athlete is recovering from an injury, and you want to lower the weight used when calculating individualized prescriptions. You can simply change the value in the override column, and that value will be used for the athlete's KPI until you change it back to zero. This allows you to temporarily modify the working value for a KPI without polluting the data.

Changing an override value highlights the cell in yellow to call your attention and remind you that it is being overridden.

You can also right click on a cell in the override column to bring up a form for adding some additional context. Use this field to communicate to other coaches or remind yourself why the value is being overridden and when you should re-evaluate.