1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPI-based workout prescriptions

Prescribing individualized workouts based on KPIs

If you want to prescribe an exercise parameter based on a KPI, you first need to have a relevant KPI defined. For example, if you want to prescribe weight for Bench Press based on a percentage of an athlete's Bench Press 1RM, that KPI would need to be defined in your KPI database (see the KPIs guide for info on creating KPIs).

Assuming you have defined the KPI, you would check the "KPI" box of the weight attribute, select the "KPI Type" ("offset" or "relative"), and select which KPI you want the prescription to be based on. You can then close the set attributes form and enter in the value of your KPI-based prescription.

When you use the KPI feature for a given exercise attribute, FYTT will automatically individualize that parameter based on individual athlete's KPIs. For instance, if we indicated that weight should be 65% of the "Bench Press: 1 Rep Max Weight" KPI, and an athlete's recorded measurement for that KPI is 200 pounds, then the prescribed weight prescribed would be 130 pounds.

This individualization happens when a session is executed, meaning when the athlete starts a session on their mobile device, when you export a session to a PDF, or when you pull up a session using the Whiteboard feature.

The "relative" KPI type allows you to prescribe a value based on a percentage of the athlete's KPI measurement. The "offset" type allows you to prescribe an absolute value, which will be added or subtracted from the athlete's KPI measurement. (e.g., +10 lbs or -0:05).

For the weight attribute, you'll notice that one of the options for KPI selection is "Auto." This means that FYTT will try to find the most appropriate KPI to use for prescribing weight for the exercise.

To do this, the software first looks to see if you have defined any KPI logic for the exercise. This logic is defined in your organization's exercise database, where you can configure the system to automatically use one of your KPIs as the default source when prescribing weight for a given exercise.

If there are no relevant configurations for the exercise, FYTT will look back at the athlete's exercise history and use a 1RM estimation formula to estimate an appropriate KPI. The default formula is the Brzycki equation, but you can set your preferred formula in the team's settings.