1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPI Attributes

Understanding each of the KPI attributes

KPI names should generally be descriptive of the exercise, its attributes, and the objective. For example, it's quite clear what you're measuring for the "1 Mile Run Min Time." Less descriptive names can potentially cause confusion and lead to inaccurate individualized prescriptions.

The exercise name should generally be a single exercise, like "Bench Press," "Run," or "Row." It is not recommended to describe the exercise attributes within the exercise name (e.g., "225 lb Bench Press" or "1 Mile Run"). These types of descriptive attributes can and should be specified in the "Exercise Attributes" section of the form.

This simply indicates whether you are assessing a maximum or a minimum value. Most KPIs will probably be maxes, except when the primary measurement variable is time.

The measurement type attribute indicates the primary aspect of the exercise that is being measured. Or in other words, what is being maximized or minimized.

Use the description to provide any necessary instructions for performing the assessment. The description is displayed to athletes when the assessment appears on their mobile devices.

You can build a custom formula using the attributes of the KPI to produce a calculated output. See the custom formulas guide for more info.