1. Institutions

Institution teams and permissions

Understanding roles and permissions at the institution


Each team under an institution is an independent entity with its own separate roster, calendar, programs, etc. Team coaches, trainers, and athletes only have access to the teams they have been explicitly invited to. They cannot see other teams at the institution.

There is no difference in permissions between coaches and trainers on a team. Both roles can see and modify all content within a team. The distinction is merely for organizational purposes.

Athletes on a team have very limited access. They cannot see other athlete information (except in the leaderboard feature where athlete performance is displayed for given sessions). Athletes cannot see or modify plans, programs, KPIs, KPVs, or weight measurements. They can only view content on their schedule and record their performance.

Users are who are given the observer role have read-only access to the team, and they can only view a limited subset of team resources (coaches, calendar, plans, programs, roster, groups). Observers cannot make modifications to any team data, and they cannot see training logs, reports, or leaderboards.


You can invite any number of managers to be a part of the institution. Institution managers can invite other managers, they have complete access to all teams under the institution, and they can perform any action within those teams.