Group planning

Organizing training within a plan using groups

The practical application of groups (especially with conditional logic) is ultimately realized in the plans tool. Once all your logic is setup, you can build out separate programming for each group in the plan, along with scheduled assessments to trigger the evaluation of group logic and the automatic assignment of athletes.

For example, suppose you have a four-week training block, and you want to divide athletes into one of three different tracks based on a series of KPI tests. You would first create your groups with their respective logic and category / priority pairs.

Next, on the plan, you would create a testing track for the entire team in week 1. This could be a very simple program that only has a single session containing the assessment protocols.

You would also build out the programs for each of the different groups on the plan.

With this in place, after the assessments are recorded on day one, the logic will be evaluated for all the groups, and the athletes will automatically be added to the appropriate group based on the results of their assessments and the hierarchy of the groups. (See the Plans guide for more info on building out programs within plans.)

Theoretically, you could test every single day, and athletes would switch groups based on the daily testing results. How often you want to trigger group changes through assessments is up to you.