Group attributes

Understanding the attributes of a group

The only required attribute for a group is a name, but you can optionally add a description, and a category. You can also designate whether or not you want the group to be shown on the roster.

This option indicates whether or not the group is displayed on the roster. If this option is selected, you can sort and select athletes on the roster by this group, and you can also add and remove athletes from the group in bulk. If the group is primarily for reporting purposes, then you might consider deselecting this option so that the roster doesn't get too cluttered.

If a group is not shown on the roster, you can still manually add and remove athletes from the group by clicking on the "Athletes" button in the top right of the group form.

The category is intended to be used in conjunction with conditions to create a hierarchy of related groups. For example, suppose you have three groups: Ankle Corrective, Knee Corrective, and Hip Corrective. Each of these groups has conditions to automatically add athletes, but you only want athletes to be part of one of these three groups at any given time.

To accomplish this, you would simply add each group to the same category, then assign the priority of each group. Let's say you added all three of the groups to the "Corrective" category, and your priorities are assigned as follows:

  1. Ankle Corrective
  2. Knee Corrective
  3. Hip Corrective

Now suppose we have an athlete that meets the conditions for both the Knee Corrective and Hip Corrective groups. The athlete will only be added to the Knee Corrective group, because it has the higher priority within the "Corrective" category.

If membership within a group is not mutually exclusive (athletes can belong to other groups as well), then simply leave the category section blank.