1. Facilities

Facility workflow

Starting and stopping sessions

Starting and stopping sessions is not required to use the whiteboard for a session. However, using the start/stop workflow is necessary if you want to use the facilities feature with tablets at each individual workstation.

If a session is assigned to a facility, starting the session will activate any tablets that have been assigned to stations within the facility. Stopping a session will deactivate all the tablets and return them to the waiting screen. 

Once you've configured a facility, assigned it to a session, and setup the tablets at each station, you can simply start a session to activate all the tablets.

Click a session on the calendar to open up the session card. At the top of the card, click the "Start Session" button. This takes you to the whiteboard, where you'll notice that athletes have been automatically grouped and assigned to stations.

This also activates all the tablets in the facility and displays the individualized workouts for the athletes at each station. Each athlete at the station can then easily follow the workout and record their individual results.

Ending a session deactivates the tablets in the facility and returns them to the waiting screen. To end a session, just click the "End Session" button on the left side of the whiteboard.