1. Calendar

Calendar program scheduling

Schedule a program onto the calendar

When you add a program to the calendar, all sessions from the program get scheduled out according to the structure of the program (see the Programs guide for more info on creating programs).

To schedule a program that you've created, simply click the "Schedule Program" button in the upper right corner of the page. This brings up a form where you select which program you want to schedule, which athlete or group you want to schedule it for, the start date of the program, and the start and end time of sessions in the program.

After a program is scheduled, you'll see all the sessions from the program laid out on the calendar. You can click on one of these sessions to bring the up the session card and modify it like you would any other session.

To edit program session times, or to cancel a program, click on any session in the program, then click the program name in the "Session Info" section.

This brings up the a form where you can modify the start and end time of program sessions, or cancel the program. Cancelling the program removes all future program sessions from the calendar.