Athlete injuries

Managing athlete injuries on the roster

FYTT enables you to record athlete injuries so you can make modifications where necessary. By configuring exercise body parts and substitutes within your exercise library, FYTT can automatically adjust workouts based on any injuries present (see the Exercises guide for more info).

To record an injury, click on an athlete row within the athlete table to pull up their athlete card:

Within the "Injuries" section, click the "Add Injury" button to bring up the form for recording an injury.

Select the affected body part, then select the affected side, if applicable. Lastly, input the date of the injury.


Injuries will continue to affect training modifications until you mark the injury as "rehabilitated." To mark an injury as rehabilitated, open the athlete card, click on the injury, then add a rehabilitation date.

Marking an injury as rehabilitated keeps a record of the injury within the system, but stops it from affecting training modifications.