The calendar is your main point of entry for executing your training programs. From here, you can quickly view everything that is scheduled for a given week and access the tools you need to deliver training prescriptions to your athletes.

Making changes to sessions on the calendar is very quick and easy. So if something comes up and you need to adjust a session, you can modify it on-the-fly right from the calendar.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using the calendar to execute your designs.


A "session" is a single bout of training composed of one or more workouts (a workout being a single, modular piece of the session). You might generally think of it as a one or two hour training block where the athlete begins a session with a warm-up, practices some aspect of training, then ends with a cool-down.

A session can be scheduled for an individual athlete, a group (created and managed in the roster), or the entire team.


Sessions can be added to the calendar in three ways:

  1. By adding a session directly to a time slot on the calendar
  2. By scheduling a program directly onto the calendar
  3. By scheduling a program through a plan

In this guide we'll cover the first two in detail. See the Plans guide to learn more about scheduling sessions from a plan.


To schedule a single "ad-hoc" session on the calendar, simply hover over the time slot where you want to add it and click the plus sign. This brings up the new session form where you specify who / what you want to schedule it for, as well as the start and end time. If you have configured any facilities for your team, you can assign the session to a facility as well.

After the new session saves, it brings up the session info card. From here you can search to quickly add workouts from your database, or you can create a new workout from scratch (see the Workouts guide to learn more about creating and managing workouts).

You can similarly modify any session on the calendar, including sessions that are scheduled from a program or a plan. Changes made to a session on the calendar do not affect the original source program or plan.


To schedule a program that you've created, simply click the "Schedule Program" button in the upper right corner of the page. This brings up a form where you select which program you want to schedule, which athlete or entity you want to schedule it for, the start date of the program, and the start and end time of sessions in the program.

After a program is scheduled, you'll see all the sessions from the program laid out on the calendar. You can click on one of these sessions to bring the up the session card and modify it like you would any other session (see the Programs guide to learn more about building programs).

Edit or cancel program

To edit program session times, or to cancel a program, click on any session in the program, then click the program name in the "Session Info" section.

This brings up the a form where you can modify the start and end time of program sessions, or cancel the program. Cancelling the program removes all future program sessions from the calendar.


If your organization cannot allow athletes to access their individualized workout prescriptions from mobile devices, you have the ability to print out the session in PDF format. Click on a session in the calendar to open the session card, then select an option from the "PDF Export" dropdown in the top right of the screen.

The "Athlete Cards" option prints out the individualized session for each athlete on a separate page. The "Coach Cards" option prints out a condensed version of the session with individualized prescriptions for all athletes in the session. If there are coach assignments, the athletes will be grouped by coach.

Both PDF formats provide a detailed table with individualized prescriptions for each exercise in the session.


If you need to change the day or time of a session, you can simply drag and drop it on the calendar to modify it. You can also drag from the bottom of a session to make it longer or shorter.


You have a number of tools available to help you execute your training sessions and monitor athlete results in real-time.


The roll call feature is available for sessions that have been scheduled for a group or the entire team. This is a simple tool to easily track the attendance of athletes at each session. To access the Roll Call feature, simply click on a session to open the session card, then click the "Roll Call" button in the top of the card.

This screen provides a quick snapshot of the session, and breaks down the attendees by coach assignment (if applicable). You can quickly mark the attendance status of each athlete before the session.

After completing roll call, click the the "Start Session" button to proceed to the whiteboard. Any athletes marked as "Absent" or "Excused absent" will be excluded from the whiteboard.


The whiteboard feature provides an electronic summary of a session. From the whiteboard, you can record every aspect of each exercise in the session. If your athletes are recording their own results from mobile devices, the whiteboard will update in real-time as they save data. To access the whiteboard, you need to start a session either from the roll call screen (as shown above) or from the session card.

The whiteboard can be navigated like a spreadsheet to quickly enter athlete results from the coach's side. This makes it easy to record all athlete activity, along with any variance from the original prescription.

Change a Prescription

Before any results are recorded for an athlete, you can change the prescription for any of the exercises. Simply select the cell you want to change, and make the desired adjustments.

Save a Row

To save a row, click the "Save" button next to an athlete's name. This records all workout sets for the athlete as complete.

Save All Rows

If you want to record all rows in a workout as complete, simply click the "Save All" button at the top of the whiteboard in the "Athletes" column. This persists all the values in the sheet and records everything as complete.

Record Variance From the Prescription

If you want to record a variance from the prescribed value for an attribute, first save the row to mark all sets as complete. After saving the row, select the cell you want to change and make the adjustment. This will highlight the cell and the row header to indicate that there was a variance from the original prescription.


If a session is assigned to a facility, starting the session will activate any tablets that have been assigned to stations within the facility. Stopping a session will deactivate all the tablets and return them to the waiting screen. Read the Facilities guide to learn more about setting up and using facilities to run your workouts.

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