No two athletes are the same.

We all have the same genetic building blocks, but each person is born with unique DNA sequences and life circumstances.

This means that everyone will respond differently to training depending on age, sex, current fitness level and many other factors.

When you start a program, we do our best to customize the program to fit your unique situation. As you train, FYTT analyzes your performance and tries to get smarter to help you train at an optimal level.

Recording Workouts

Once you start a program, you'll want to log in each day, perform the workouts, and record your results. Here's how it's done:

1. Log in and go to your schedule.
Some programs dynamically build out your schedule week by week; other programs build out your schedule for many weeks at a time.

Not all programs have workouts every day, so if if you don't see anything scheduled on a given day, that means it's a rest day.

2. Click on a schedule to expand the workouts for that day.
This gives you an overview of the movements of each workout scheduled for the day.

Some programs use KPIs to personalize workouts for you. In those cases, you'll see a percentage instead of a specific value. To see the personalized workout, click on the start button to open the workout interface.

3. Use the workout interface to modify your sets if needed.
Once you click start, you'll be able to see the personalized measurements for each movement in the workout. From here, go ahead and perform each of the movements at the recommended measurements.

Sometimes you don't complete all the movements as prescribed, or you need to modify a set. Simply use the +/- buttons to edit the measurements for each attribute, or click the attribute value on the left to input a specific number.

4. Complete each set, then click finished.
Use the "Next Set" or "Prev Set" buttons at the bottom of the interface to navigate between sets. On the last set of the workout, you'll see a "Finish" button. Click there to save the workout once you're done.

After you save a workout, FYTT analyzes your performance and adjusts your profile accordingly. The next time you go to record a workout, the prescribed measurements will reflect your newly optimized profile.

5. Repeat for each scheduled workout of the day.
Once you're back on the schedules page, you'll see that the workout has been checked off. Click to expand the schedule and repeat the process for each scheduled workout for the day.

Making Progress

In order to make progress, you must be consistent over a long period of time. Ignore all the testimonials and advertisements that claim otherwise.

Log in and repeat this process every day that you have a scheduled workout, do the prescribed exercises, and record your results.

Remember, recording your workouts is essential to successfully following a program.

Evidence-based fitness requires data. FYTT uses the data you record to adjust your routine and optimize your training.

Some exercise is better than no exercise, but if you don't record anything, you might as well just randomly move around. Effective training requires a logical, data-driven approach.

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